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Nate The Great is a highly requested Social Media Influential Speaker, Student Performance Success Expert, and leading authority on Social Media and Student Impact; as well as Author of Success Secrets For The Young Entrepreneur.

Schools, colleges, and organizations bring me in to speak at their school assemblies, events, and conferences to share my unique strategies on leaving a positive message with social media which impacts student school performance and personal life drastically. I’m here to show students that they can use social media to uplift and motivate one another compared to it being a school distraction and comparison game. I’m here to help you become the greatest version of yourself.. period.

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Welcome to The Roots Of Success


Welcome to The Roots Of Success Podcast hosted by 23 year old entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and motivator Nate “The Great” Peterman. On this podcast you’ll stumble upon interviews / lessons with inspiring entrepreneurs, CEO’s, authors, real estate agents, influencers, and much more of this day in time. Nate will have guests on the show who are experts in social media, branding, real estate, marketing, entrepreneurship, investing, motivation, psychology, and much more! The Roots Of Success Podcast is one of the latest podcasts to date which will have some of the most sharp minded, authentic, and straight up individuals in this day in time. Stay tuned for valuable content you can takeaway and utilize to your advantage in your everyday life.

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